Wedge Clamps

Double-Acting, for Dies with Tapered Clamping Edge


  • available in sizes between 25 kN and 1250 kN
  • high functional reliability ensured by position monitoring and an automatic cycle
  • rugged and well-proven clamping element with high degree of safety and long service life

Double-acting wedge clamp for clamping dies on a press bed or slide or for clamping dies in injection molding machines. The wedge clamp consists of a hydraulic block cylinder and a piston guided in a housing. The clamping bolt is provided with 20¡ bevel to clamp on the tapered clamping surface of the die. Based on the internal design of the wedge clamp and the 20¡ clamping bevel the system is providing internal friction. For reasons of safety and in order to comply with the specifications of the ÔMachineryÕ directive no. ML98/37/EC, hydraulic pressure must always be maintained. When upper dies are clamped by wedge clamps, they must be secured mechanically when maintenance work is carried out.

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Principle of die clamping; In general, dies with round geometry are clamped using three clamping elements for each half, whereas dies with square or rectangular geometry are clamped using four clamping elements for each half.