Wedge Clamp


  • with directional seat valves flanged to the rear serving as control valves for an individual activation of all clamps
  • available in sizes between 25 kN and 630 kN
  • high functional reliability ensured by position monitoring and an automatic cycle
  • rugged and well-proven clamping element with high degree of safety and long service life

Benefits: ¥ Each element can be individually activated ¥ Single dies can be clamped ¥ Little installation work as a result of a plug-type closed hydraulic circuit ¥ Suitable for BUS systems ¥ High degree of operational safety thanks to integral position monitoring and check valves. On request available with a safety step. ¥ Very rugged clamp with a high standard of safety and a long service life Resistant to temperatures of up to 100°C, 120°C for 1000 working hours Clamping force from 100 to 630 kN Operating pressure 350 bar Valve voltage 24 V DC

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5-stage drop forging press equipped with wedge clamps with directional seat valves to activate the different stages

Use of wedge clamps with sequence valve control in a forging press

Wedge clamps with flanged directional seat valves. Clamping and unclamping positions are electrically contrtolled. Little installation work as a result of plug-type connections between the clamps.